Brian Hebb Director of Development
Why Join Us


Fresh, never frozen, beef of the highest quality grilled with the perfect sear to create a tender flavorful patty every time. The builds range from the simple (The Purist) to the standard (The Classic) to the bizarre (The Peanut-Butter-Pickle-Bacon). Each burger has its own unique flavor with the patty remaining at the center of all of them.
Our burgers are at the core of everything we do


Our burgers are our core, but the atmosphere in which those burgers are enjoyed is also important. Our restaurants are designed to feel like a backyard BBQ with rock n’ roll on the radio, cold beer on tap, and all your favorite people having a good time. We believe in throwing a party for our guests every day and our crew are the hosts to that party. They make sure that our guests get the best burger they want, the beer they need, and have a great time from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. And when they do leave we want them already planning their next visit to Killer Burger.


We will give you the training you need to make the vision a reality. This training includes two weeks of training for you and two employees at our company headquarters and training store in Portland, OR. It also includes an elite team of Killer Burger trainers who will train your entire staff at your location two weeks prior to opening AND continue training and support two weeks after you open. All this training is included in the franchise fee. By the time the trainers leave you and your staff will have all the knowledge and skills you need to make the vision a reality and run a successful Killer Burger restaurant.


Once your store is open and running you will continue to receive support from one of our franchise consultants. Your consultant will visit your store monthly to help you identify areas to improve and address any concerns you have; your consultant will also be available by email or phone for you to contact whenever you have questions. We will provide ongoing marketing, advertising, and development of more efficient procedures, systems, and products. Because we all share the same vision we believe in having a close partnership with all our franchisee’s.