Our Burgers

Every Killer Burger is 1/3 Pound 100% Natural Beef and includes: BACON!

French Fries included with every Killer Burger

Every layer and every detail has a purpose. From our dedication to provide a party atmosphere to the determination of our crew members to bring you the perfect Burger every time. Celebrate with us and always “Commit to the Burger!”

About Us

Killer Burger began with the mindset of wanting to do something more. We’ve loved burgers from the get go and simply wanted to create the burgers we’ve always wanted to exist—the best hamburger imaginable. Somebody’s got to do it. The burger shouldn’t be stereotyped as the drive-thru second thought. Reviving the traditional burger while adding our own personal touch became our passion. We believe that food has a heart and soul. Our burger, beer, and rock & roll focus is making this known one burger at a time.


Our gourmet burgers are built upon relationships. The camaraderie of our crew members is no secret and the fact that we know our regulars by name is something to be proud of, but right now we’d like to highlight the products that go into our burgers and the people who provide them. Take Gill’s Onions, our onion provider. Gill’s is known for their flavorful, fresh-cut products. Their family owned, eco-conscious business model is more sustainable than your “deadhead” neighbors.

Our 100% natural hot off the grill hamburger comes fresh from Fulton Provisions. Fulton is one of Portland’s most established meat providers and supplies to many top-line restaurants in the PNW. Rich potatoes, fresh buns… every element that finds itself on our menu has a unique story, which only makes our burgers just that much more epic.

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