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Jose Mendoza

Jose Mendoza Burger

Jose Mendoza is Back!

We Heard You Loud & Clear
Now please stop emailing us!


It’s been a long time coming.

When Jose Mendoza left the Killer Burger menu back in early 2019, it’s safe to say our fans were pretty miffed. For 18 months, we got emails, phone calls and social media rants from our fans about how much they missed this one-of-a-kind burger. Finally, after searching high and low for the perfect roasted green chile, we’re ready to bring it back…just in time to celebrate our Tenth Anniversary!


What happened to the Jose Mendoza?

Jose Mendoza was on the very first Killer Burger menu, and it stayed there for almost 9 years as a fan favorite. As you know, green chiles come and go with the seasons, so we worked hard to secure enough chiles each year to keep our Killer Fans fed. At the beginning of 2019, we got the bad news that our long-time Southwest chile supplier could no longer meet the demand and couldn’t keep us stocked. So instead of cutting corners and swapping the chiles out for the canned stuff you can pick up off the shelf, we made the difficult decision to drop the burger from our menu until we could find a replacement.


Why did it take so long to bring back the Jose Mendoza?

But that was early 2019, and now it’s the end of 2020 (thank goodness); what gives? We searched all over the country for a supplier that could meet our strict quality standards and keep up with the shear volume we were going through each month.
As we planned for 2020, we knew that the best way to celebrate our tenth anniversary was to bring Jose back, so we dedicated even more time and resources to do whatever it takes to make it happen. This year handed us a lot of challenges to say the least, but we weren’t going to give up until we found the perfect green chile! So, to celebrate our tenth anniversary and to call an end to 2020, we’re finally ready to bring back Jose Mendoza for a limited time!

What makes these roasted green chiles the best?

Our Roasted Green Chiles come from Milberger Farms¬†of¬†Pueblo, Colorado where they’re grown, harvested, and roasted just for us. The fire-roasting process adds a unique char and flavor profile to match perfectly with our craveable burger build, which combines Monterey Jack cheese, House Sauce, Grilled Onion, Pickle, and of course Bacon.

To make sure we have the freshest product, Jose Mendoza won’t be here forever. Once we run out of green chiles, we’ll have to wait until the next harvest. You better believe there’s a lot of excitement around this new burger, so you’ll need to get it fast before it’s gone!