Our Mission

We are dedicated to building the best burger imaginable…

That’s why we make every Killer Burger with 1/3 Pound 100% Natural Beef and build them just for you, right when you order.

All of our burger builds are carefully crafted to give you the perfect burger experience every time. Oh yeah, and every Killer Burger includes bacon and comes with fries. The way it should be!


Our Mission is Simple:

We want to take the Killer Burger brand anywhere people are ready for the perfect burger. In both our company-owned and franchise stores, we create an environment where agendas are left at the door, where an oasis from the world exists. In other words, we throw a party every day. That’s how we roll. We build successful partnerships, develop the best employees, and make our customers happy every time we fire up the grill, unlock the door, and pull a few cold beers.

"Commit to the Burger"

This isn’t just a slogan. To us, it’s a philosophy that every layer and every detail of the guest experience is crafted with a purpose. We’ve spent countless hours in test kitchens perfecting recipes so that our burgers are perfect and our guests leave well-fed, happy, and excited to come back.

Our Story

Killer Burger began with the mindset of wanting to do something more. We’ve loved burgers from the get go and simply wanted to create the burgers we’ve always wanted to exist—the best hamburger imaginable. Somebody’s got to do it. The burger shouldn’t be stereotyped as the drive-thru second thought. Reviving the traditional burger while adding our own personal touch became our passion. We believe that food has a heart and soul. Our burger, beer, and rock & roll focus is making this known one burger at a time.


Our gourmet burgers are built upon relationships. The camaraderie of our crew members is no secret and the fact that we know our regulars by name is something to be proud of. These relationships even go as far as the connections we have with our suppliers.

Where it all starts is our 100% natural hot-off-the-grill hamburger, fresh from Fulton Provisions. Fulton has been serving the Pacific Northwest with locally-raised beef for nearly 100 years. Since the beginning, we’ve worked with Fulton to perfect our burger recipe and follow strict safety standards.

Gill’s Onions, our onion provider is known for their flavorful, fresh-cut products. Their family owned, eco-conscious business model is more sustainable than your “deadhead” neighbors.

Rich potatoes, fresh buns…the list goes on and on. Every element that lands on our menu has a unique story, which makes our burgers just that much more epic. Try for yourself and see how seriously craveable they really are.

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