Brian Hebb Director of Development
Franchise Information


Killer Burger is a dream. It is a dream of the burger that changed my life, the beer that needs to be drank, the people that deserve to be cherished, and a company that dreams this dream. We love a good party, but we love perfect burgers even more. Every ingredient is carefully sourced. Every recipe carefully tested. And every burger treated with the utmost respect. We create a backyard party atmosphere by putting a cold beer in your glass, Rock N’ Roll on the radio, and a perfect burger in your hand!

What We Do

Everything that we do serves our vision which is to change the way you and your friends think about burgers. When you think about a good burger, we want you to think of a Killer burger.

Owning a Killer Burger restaurant means joining us in our mission to change the way people think about burgers. Because of our commitment to perfection, owning a Killer Burger restaurant means sharing in the hard work, dedication and vision needed to be the best burger joint since…

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