Brian Hebb Director of Development
Franchise Eligibility


Killer Burger opened in Portland, OR on September 27th 2010. The founder, TJ, started Killer Burger with the vision to change the way the world thinks about burgers. He set out to make a burger so good that it becomes the definition of what a burger should be.


Burgers are at the core of everything we do and as we expand it is imperative that every new store is resourced and trained to carry on the mission.

The success of our franchisee’s is imperative. To be a part of Killer Burger means you share the same vision we do, to change the way the world thinks about burgers. Not only do we share the vision but we all share the rewards of making that vision a reality. We have developed an extensive training program that will ensure you and your employees will be given the knowledge and skills you need to bring the vision to life in your restaurant. You will also have a continuing partnership with one of franchise consultants who will conduct monthly support visits with you and your team.

Owning a Killer Burger franchise is a huge decision for you. Not everyone is meant to be a part of Killer Burger. It is important that we fill our franchise ranks with like-minded individuals who have the skills and financial capacity to open and lead a Killer Burger restaurant. This is important for your success as well as ours. Because of this our franchise selection process will take time, you will be asked to submit an application, cover letter, and complete an eligibility assessment. After that you will go through three separate interviews. This extensive process is for your benefit as much as ours. You should use this time to ask as many questions as you have and get to know us as a company. We will be upfront and honest with you about every aspect of owning a Killer Burger franchise so you will know without a doubt if you are meant to take the next step into ownership. At the same time; we will be getting to know you so we can evaluate if you are the right person to join us.

The first step is to complete the eligibility assessment below:

Eligibility Assessment

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