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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon can I open?
A: Once construction begins it will take 60 – 90 days to open your restaurant.

Q: What is my initial investment?
A: The initial investment range is $289,300 – $704,500. This range includes the Franchise Fee.

Q: What are the Royalty and Advertising Fee’s?
A: The Royalty Fee is 5% of gross sales. The Advertising Fee is 2% of gross sales.

Q: Can I open more than one unit?
A: Yes. Killer Burger is willing and able to negotiate multi-unit agreements.

Q: How many employee’s does it take to operate a Killer Burger?
A: The amount of employee’s will depend on your location and sales volume. A typical Killer Burger staff range is 18 – 25 employees.

Q: What support will I receive after my restaurant is open?
A: You will have a continuing partnership with one of our Franchise Consultants who will visit your restaurant once a month to review quality, service, cleanliness, compliance, cost control, and marketing. Our Franchise Consultants are seasoned employees who have a proven track record of running a successful Killer Burger restaurant. They also have access to the full knowledge and resources of the Killer Burger Corporate team.

Q: Do I have to live in the same market where I operate?
A: Yes. We believe it is important for our franchisee’s to be a part of the communities where they do business.

Q: How much does training cost?
A: All training costs, except for your travel and your employee’s labor costs, are included in the Franchise Fee.

Q: Will I receive help with marketing?
A: Yes. Our marketing department will assist you with local marketing initiatives, you will also receive exposure from national marketing efforts.


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